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Mazie Bones (2)

Gemini, Mother of Cats, Hufflepuff, Writer, Artist, Stationary Enthusiast, Anxiously Resilient. 

Frequently found napping, stress-knitting or binge watching Scrubs. I’m a 25 year old journalism graduate, currently 100% self-employed in freelance content writing, editing and formatting. Exploring the world through fibre arts, zine writing, napkin poetry, and straight up stationary addiction. 

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I am interested in partnering up or collaborating with other blogs or products that I believe to be a good fit niche/personality wise, so please feel free to reach out if you are interested in working together.

If you are a fan of my graphics or designs and would like to hire me to design material for your blog, please check out my Portfolio (coming soon) and contact me with your inquiries.

And lastly, if you have any questions, comments, or posts you’d like to see,
contact me through the form below, or by email (hello(at)maziebones(dot)com