November: small goals

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I know this post is a little bit late but I have had such a crazy start to the month with NaNoWriMo and everything I haven’t had a chance to write anything other than my novel. I also didn’t anticipate last month getting as busy as it did. Around Mid-October I got completely swamped with custom orders on Instagram, and then somehow managed to plan an entire pop up market for this month on the 19th. I’m still in shock about how fast it happened, but I’m super excited about it and I can’t wait to see how this one goes. We have 10 amazing vendors who are all so unique and talented and the market takes place on the day of the cities Santa Claus parade so foot traffic is going to be off the charts! That being said I have so much market prep to take care of, at the same time as novel writing and keeping this blog updated at least twice a week! So let’s recap my October Goals and how I did….(spoiler it was kind of pitiful last month! I didn’t account for being as busy as I was!)

October Goals:

Inktober and Vlogtober:  I started off so excited about Inktober, and did maybe the first 10 days and then completely fell off the wagon. I couldn’t get back into it at all. Vlogtober I’d like to say I did kind of well with, I never really expected myself to do daily vlogs, I more so just wanted to vlog more often.

Preptober: Though I did have more posts to include in my Preptober series, I think I did a job of posting the big and important ones. I definitely plotted my novel, and completely my preptober checklist in my bullet journal so I definitely think I won on that front!

Affiliates/PR/Sponsorships: I won’t lie, I didn’t even go on to the website that I use for my affiliations this month. I haven’t checked my stats at all. I feel like I was just too busy to keep up with that. I should probably go look at that right now….

Portfolio: Same with this one, I just didn’t have the time, October was a crazy busy month! I have a bunch of posts from some of the adventures I went on last month coming to the blog in the next couple weeks.

 More Quality Time: This one I totally managed to do, and I am so happy that I did. I think that I really needed the time with my partner, I needed to recharge and I feel so much better now that I have. Its kind of magical how different I feel after spending time with him. He has this way of boosting me up in every regard and I love that about him so much.

No-Spend: I was successful on the no spend front! I didn’t buy anything on the no spend list unless it was a Christmas gift. I did get a big chunk of my Christmas purchases done, which I’m pretty excited about!

November Goals:

NaNoWriMo: Anyone who has been reading my blog the past two months will know that I am doing NaNo this month, my main goals are in my last post, but as a little update, I am only a day behind on my personal goal, but super ahead of the actual NaNo goals which is awesome! I’m still hoping to finish my 50k by the 17th or 18th!

Vlog NaNoWriMo: I am also trying to vlog my NaNo this year with short little videos in my Instagram story! I’ll be compiling them all together at the end of the month to make a cool little day in the life of a wrimo video! I can’t wait!

Makers Market: Obviously this market is going to need to take a bit of priority. A lot of planning and organizing goes into running an event like this. I still need to lay out a floor plan and make posters to post up everywhere downtown, never mind just stocking up my shop and getting my table set up finished!

Christmas Projects: I have a pretty big list of Christmas gifts that I need to make and I don’t want to leave them all until December so after market day I’ll be going on a short week-long hiatus to focus on nothing but the novel and my gift projects! Some of them are going to be super time-consuming!

Organize My Office: The past few months have been so completely hectic and I am really in need of some reorganization! I seriously can’t keep up with the amount of yarn that is flying off the fall, and I when I buy new skeins I can’t find the time to rewind them and put them on the wall. Don’t even get me started on my desk or the other craft cubes I have. All of them are so wildly disorganized and it’s giving me a migraine!

Stick to My Blog Schedule: I really want to stick to this goal of writing here twice a week! I added a little NaNoWriMo incentive that I talk about in my accountability post, and hopefully, the blog helps motivate me to get on top of my goals!

I think that’s it for my November goals! I can’t wait to share the next few posts I have scheduled! Going back to relive some of the super exciting things that I did last month so that I can write blog posts about them has put me in such a great mood and I can’t wait for you all to read them!

What are your small goals for November?

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  1. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!! I’m always so impressed with people who do that. Doing that AND making some Christmas gifts too–that is impressive for sure! I always think it would be a good idea to try to make some gifts, but I never get around to it on time…

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