Fall Bucket List Update: Balls Falls

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A few weeks ago I posted my Fall Bucket List and promised that I would be posting updates whenever I cross an item off the list! Well, here I am with that first update!


Yesterday we attended the Balls Falls craft show! Andrea volunteers there every year and runs a vendor relief program so we decided to go and visit with her, and while we were there we got to check out a lot of awesome makers, food, beer and just overall autumn fun.

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When we were driving out, the weather was super cold and rainy and I was super bummed about it, so we made a pitstop for umbrellas and better shoes and then when we got there it was so hot and sunny we were actually sweating, (in regards to my outfit, definitely fashion over function).


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After we were done at the festival we went up to visit my parents, they don’t live that far from there so it wasn’t out of the way. We visited and meal-prepped a bunch, I think roughly 25 mini freezer shepherd’s pies so that we don’t have to stress about dinners during NaNoWriMo. We didn’t get to visit for long, but we’ll be able to catch up more on Monday for my family’s Thanksgiving.

As for today (Thanksgiving Sunday), we’re having our very first turkey dinner. It will be my first time cooking a turkey, though it’s from a pre-cooked turkey kit, it still needs to be stuffed, and put in the over and all the other dishes need to be made too. It’s a good first turkey, hard to mess up, and I’m pretty excited about it.

So happy I got to spend some quality time with some of my favourite people yesterday. Seriously feeling so thankful for all the positive people in my life right now.

What are you thankful for?
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Etsy Launch, Navi and Why I Haven’t Posted

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It’s been a hot minute since I posted last. A couple days at least, which is rough for someone who said she was going to post EVERY week day. I was so enthusiastic about the blog earlier this week, Monday specifically. But then our little fur babies kind of threw a wrench in my plans.


It has been kind of a rough couple months for our 3-year-old rescue baby, Navi. But to be honest, it has been kind of a rough go ever since I found her. Over the past 3 years, it has kind of been a veterinary roller coaster. Between food allergies, broken ribs, ulcers, and now a scratched cornea, we’ve been through it all with this kitty baby. I finally got caught up paying off all the vet expenses from her issues last year, but now it’s getting a little more serious.


Over the span of just this past month, I feel like we have spent more time at the vet with her than we have in her entire lifetime. She has been dropping weight drastically, vomiting blood, and just constantly gagging. And now, after the past couple days, it looks like the vet bill is about to get 5x larger.

Navi is having some serious intestinal issues that are calling for all kinds of testing and scans, services that I’m having a hard time budgeting for at the moment. As a way of hopefully making some extra money for her vet expenses, I have created the “For Navi” line in my Etsy shop and my Redbubble shop. I’ve got a few different designs available in prints (4×6) and stickers, as well as digital versions and custom options for your own kitty babies!

etsy print 2


etsy print 3

etsy print 1
Numerous friends have told me to start a GoFundMe account for her since the expenses keep stacking up, but I’d much rather feel like I’m working for the money, or earning it in some way! If the shop doesn’t take off the way we are hoping it might, then I might eventually start a fundraising page, but I’m hoping it doesn’t get to that point.

All money made from the sale of these products will go towards getting her healthy again. When we have enough funds to cover her vet bills, all extra money made from the sales of this line will go to our local animal shelter which helped us with her when we first found her, to help them rescue more fur babes!

If you aren’t able to help financially or aren’t really a cat person (but seriously what are you doing here then?! Just kittens!) that is completely fine and super understandable, but maybe consider sharing the link to this post, or the link to my shop with someone who might be interested! It would seriously mean so much to us.

We all want to thank you, from the bottom of our (sometimes fluffy) hearts for keeping our little fur/no fur family in your thoughts! I seriously love all of you and your fur babes so much!

I’ll be back with more posts soon I promise! Thanks for being patient with me while I take care of our little Navi buns!

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Oh hey there

I have never been good at coping with death or losing people who I care about. I mean, obviously I know that death is easy for no one and that everyone grieves, but I guess some people just deal better than others. Whether it’s a matter of just not having the emotions to express your feelings, or just being desensitized due to past experiences, it’s a known fact that everyone grieves differently. In my experience, I can go one of two ways. I am either the calm, consoling type, that grieves while making sure the people around me are okay, or I completely shut down. The ultimate reason I have decided to post this here is because I don’t know exactly how to explain how I feel after the recent death of a close friend.

It’s not common for me to talk about those that I have lost in this way, I’d say I’m a pretty private griever, but due to a recent event, and the fact that my new counsellor thinks its best for me to use my writing as an outlet for this kind of thing, here I am and here are some statistics: In my 24 years of life I have lost two family members and five friends, three of which were extremely close. In this post I am going to be talking about two of the people I have lost, for a few different reasons.

Though all of these losses were difficult, I had by far the hardest time (up until now) coping with the death of my friend from high school, who passed way too soon from cancer in his liver. I still remember that morning at 6am when my mom called me while I was living in London, to let me know that he had passed, before I went online to be shocked by all of the posts. I remember sobbing, which was never a first reaction that I ever had in this kind of situation, and then I remember staying curled up in my bed re-watching all of the movies he had filmed over and over, re-watching all of the clips from drama class, or our school plays. I spent the day looking through photos him and I had shared and I just wept and wept. I hadn’t known him for as long as I have known some of the other people I have lost in life, but it was my first true loss as an adult, where I could distinctly see and understand my stages of grieving…or at least I thought I understood.

This past weekend I lost one of the most genuine people I have ever known. He was one of the first friends that I can recall, one of the first people I can remember playing with as a kid, and one of the only kids who stood up for me when I was too shy to. Actually just last year I found a messily written secret note that he must have written in grade 1 or 2,  reassuring me that “maysie iz a nice nAme.” He always hated that the kids in our class made fun of my name, and he was super vocal about it. It was the first time someone defended me, and I remember it so vividly. Growing up, we were simply inseparable, be it Kindergarten to grade 6, or even just kinder karate, our parents had to break us up so often. Our families were always that close though, I’m almost positive that he was one of the first non-related kids I ever met, I think around age 2 or 3. Our families were so tight that we always ended up going to each other’s big family christmas parties, where we would hide out and play pool, or video games because the adults were so boring. I look back now and I cannot think of one single bad or negative experience that I ever had with him. Actually, that’s not true, I totally can! We were in a self-defence karate class, we had to have been 5 or 6 and we were paired up and he accidentally punched me in the chin (not even that hard) but I remember him crying way more than I did.

                                  14907105_10154734895592792_8827485954649510990_n 14908194_10154750609596052_4802631947095600155_n

Even though we and our families drifted apart with time after we moved away to another town, in passing at shows or events we were always able to pick up right where we left off. Looking back now, I really wish I had of made more time to come out to visit and catch up with him. It’s still unclear what exactly happened to him, but from the sounds of things, it seems like he could have used someone to talk to, and that is what breaks my heart the most.

Cody, you had this way of brightening any room you walked into. You could make anyone and everyone feel welcomed and safe, and you could make anyone (no exceptions) laugh.

Without a doubt, Hamilton is going to be a lot duller without you there to brighten it up!

                    cody2 cody

There is so much more that I want to say, that I need to say, but every word that I type breaks my heart a little more. I have quite a few posts written and saved so that I can start releasing content on a more regular basis, but I’m not sure when that will be starting now.

Rest in Paradise Cody Gillespie

Love always, maysie.
mazie bones

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