Niagara On The Lake Ghost Walk

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On the last Wednesday of October, Drew and I decided to go on a spooky date night! Neither of us had ever been on the Ghost Walk Tour in downtown Niagara On The Lake before, Drew had never been on a haunted tour ever so it was a new experience for both of us and it was definitely an amazing one. * NOTE: I did have a few pictures from this night but they either turned out too dark, or too blurry, I might try to filter some and put them on insta but I can’t promise that I’ll be able to fix them! *


It was a 90 minute tour and it was actually super affordable in my opinion. The tourists were split into two small groups so it was a bit more intimate and we were able to talk and participate in the tour. The tour guide, Sir Bob was delightful and super entertaining. If you ever get a chance to do these tours, try to get a tour with him, he was seriously the best.

Drew and I both loved the historical parts of the tour, learning about what happened to make Niagara On The Lake the most haunted town in all of Canada. We got to walk through the creepy dark and lonely streets full of old houses, and were able to learn a lot about the different buildings that were there before they burnt it all to ground.

During the last half of our tour we were down near a gazebo that had been used in an old horror film, and our guide informed us that there was a cat that usually joined him for the last half of our walk and sure enough, we were definitely greeted by one of the most enthusiastic cats I’ve ever met. I mentioned it to Drew, and though he didn’t notice, something seemed very strange about the cat, it didn’t walk like a normal cat, and it would literally run to keep up with us if we left without him. It was probably just my imagination but it just felt a bit spooky, and I love kitties!

Overall, 10/10 for the Niagara on the Lake Ghost Walks. If you are looking for quality tours of haunted landmarks, check out their site, they do them in a number of cities and towns and you should totally see if they do any near you. 100% worth the trip! Seriously, on our tour, there were 4 people from out of town that had come just for the ghost walk! That’s how good it was. In October they were doing them every weeknight, so I’m not sure how often they do them every other month but definitely, check it out and see! I’ve been raving about it ever since, and I’ve been trying to find the time to do one of their other tours in other cities as well! If I get to do any other ones I’ll definitely post about them!

Whats your favourite haunted landmark?

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Fall Bucket List Update: Howell’s Pumpkin Farm

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A couple weeks ago Andrea and I crossed another activity off of our Fall Bucket List. We finally went to Howell’s Pumpkin farm! For those of you not in the Niagara region, Howell’s is a beautiful family own activity farm, that opens up every fall for some super spooky halloween fun! There are animals, wagon rides, all kinds of neat displays, and a spook barn! And don’t forget these delectable pumpkin donuts, the real reason I go there every year!


Seriously they should sell these all year round! and in grocery stores! I would buy them all the time!

22751261_10155565315011013_648984892_oThis is just one of the super nifty animatronic displays! There is a video of it in action on my instagram here.






22472147_10159354067820034_850991140_oOverall, it was an amazing trip! We managed to get through the corn maze, and the spook barn and we got a wagon ride! We didn’t get to do everything, but I’m hoping to go back to pick up some pumpkins this coming week!

Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!
What fun halloween attractions do you have near you?

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Fall Bucket List Update: Balls Falls

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A few weeks ago I posted my Fall Bucket List and promised that I would be posting updates whenever I cross an item off the list! Well, here I am with that first update!


Yesterday we attended the Balls Falls craft show! Andrea volunteers there every year and runs a vendor relief program so we decided to go and visit with her, and while we were there we got to check out a lot of awesome makers, food, beer and just overall autumn fun.

22281694_10155521582656013_5421045118981904903_n (1)22228592_10155521582736013_9185426845739852502_n














When we were driving out, the weather was super cold and rainy and I was super bummed about it, so we made a pitstop for umbrellas and better shoes and then when we got there it was so hot and sunny we were actually sweating, (in regards to my outfit, definitely fashion over function).


22221707_10155521583601013_2227564302722913805_n (1)















After we were done at the festival we went up to visit my parents, they don’t live that far from there so it wasn’t out of the way. We visited and meal-prepped a bunch, I think roughly 25 mini freezer shepherd’s pies so that we don’t have to stress about dinners during NaNoWriMo. We didn’t get to visit for long, but we’ll be able to catch up more on Monday for my family’s Thanksgiving.

As for today (Thanksgiving Sunday), we’re having our very first turkey dinner. It will be my first time cooking a turkey, though it’s from a pre-cooked turkey kit, it still needs to be stuffed, and put in the over and all the other dishes need to be made too. It’s a good first turkey, hard to mess up, and I’m pretty excited about it.

So happy I got to spend some quality time with some of my favourite people yesterday. Seriously feeling so thankful for all the positive people in my life right now.

What are you thankful for?
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